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Ultimately, you are your own healer.


Have you ever been to a doctor who couldn’t tell you much of anything at all in regards to your health?  You go in, reluctantly, or even out of desperation- sit there stark in a little white sterile room, awkwardly on the plastic-coated bed- get poked, prodded, questioned, tested, retested.  And then in the end, one can often leave the doctor’s office still confused as to your plan of action.

file0001828278912Doctors are like counselors for your health, in much the same way a therapist is a counselor for your mental health.  In the end, it is up to you to conquer the issue yourself, and to stand up whole and renewed in yourself.  It is your choice to do so, and it is your actions which are going to create the healing.

Whether this means you take a diet-based holistic approach, or head in for surgery, you are ultimately the one who takes the steps.

Most people go to the doctor expecting a one time fix-it-all pill that is going to vanish their problem.  But when we are healing the body, the same as if we are healing our minds from some kind of emotional trauma, there are many steps to be taken along the journey.  And each journey for each person is going to have its own unique story.

I went into a doctor for a personal, and severe pain that I have been dealing with for years- extreme cramping of the uterus.  I’ve been to several doctors and have the bills to prove it- and they all told me, without even telling me directly, that there’s nothing they can do.  One doctor in an emergency room seemed even to doubt my pain completely, did no testing whatsoever, and did not offer counsel at all about the cause.  I was in so much pain I could hardly stand in his presence, and all they did was give me a pain shot and a bill, and sent me out the door, with no referral, nothing.

Of course I forgive this doctor, because I know that choosing not to forgive will only result in more problems, and because this is one of many incidents which has spawned my fervent interest in natural healing.  I was led to speak with naturopaths, and even spiritual healers, and have received as well counsel in regards to my diet, exercise, emotional baggage causes, herbal remedies, sound healing, etc… In the face of extreme pain, I’ve sought out any and every way to heal myself from a once debilitating ailment.

I even went to Mexico and had a Huichol Shaman magically pull three very sharp crystals out of my abdomen.  For the following two years, the pain had completely vanished, and I believed I would never see it again.

Then I went through a breakup and the pain returned, slowly and gradually at first, followed with a vengeance.  I was shocked to be laying on the couch again, unable to work, to move, hardly even able to prepare food for myself and eat.  Back to the drawing board of healing I went… to my herb books, to the internet, to personal accounts, scheduled a doctor’s appointment, research and counsel with others, diet, prayer…

Emotion-Code-flatThe Emotion Code

Recently, via the miracle of podcasting, I discovered the book, The Emotion Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  Dr. Nelson proposes that physical ailments are caused by emotional pain which have become trapped in the body.  His technique uses muscle testing to locate the cause from our life experiences, and then magnets to release wherever that pain has been being stored in the body.  The results Dr. Nelson and his trained practitioners are getting are miraculous, and it is inspiring to listen to the stories of relief being found by so many in need of healing.

Dr. Nelson is graciously offering his book for free,

Follow this link to download The Emotion Code, completely free.



Being that this pain is in my womb, and seems to be affected by my relationships, I have long had the inner-knowing that it is emotionally-based, and likely caused by painful life experiences, but I have long sought a healer to assist me in the process of releasing it.  Now I am reading the book and giving it a go.  It’s been a several year process of healing, and onward the journey continues.  I already recommend the book, and will keep Bliss Alchemy readers updated on more healing tools along the path.

8876-a-beautiful-young-woman-exercising-with-weights-pvMy point is this- your healing, in all regards, is your ultimate responsibility. No one can fix it for you in the long run.  It is your path, and your responsibility to do the research, go to the doctor, get opinions, do the meditation around it, eat the right diet, stand in the sunshine, take walks in nature, take the medicine.  Deep down, there is a part in us that already knows the way to health.  It is up to each one of us to open ourselves to that path and let the healing happen.

For two years, when I thought the problem was completely gone, I counseled other women with a similar problem, and shared everything I had done toward healing.  This whole process for me has been one of seeking help for myself, and then extending what I’ve learned to others.   It has all been a learning, growing, and sharing experience, and has much inspired the path of the seeker and the healer.

The reason I write for Bliss Alchemy is to share such stories, and to share the kind of information that has been my own saving grace, with anyone who will benefit from it.  It is my sincere hope that readers will be deeply benefited by the information I am posting on this site, and I promise to seek out and share anything I feel will serve you.

If you are interested in receiving news and information, about up-and-coming techniques in healing advances, as well as ancient healing principles, self-help inspiration and motivation, interviews with incredible authors, healers and teachers, and basically anything in the world that’s going to help you create and stay in your life of Bliss, feel free to subscribe to Bliss Alchemy. Blessings.


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