Episode 04 – Shamanic Psyche with Amalia Camateros

Amalia Camateros, N.D., author of Spirit of the Stones, energy healer, shamanic & spiritual counselor, naturopathic doctor, body worker, inspirational speaker, shamanic dance guide.

Podcast Notes:

shadow work – bring consciousness into the hidden

ground with the earth, ground into body

be a conduit, direct expression of spirit,

standing between earth and sky

To be an empath – aligned and alighted with spiritual energy from the soul

Australian origins of a healer – Aboriginals & a Persian Prince, a community of eighty year olds

By listening to someone and not reacting, it diffuses the situation

The Inner Tree of Light  

Amalia Camateros- a true healer, and a true source of inspiration – highly recommended for sessions & events…



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