Miracle Tooth Healing :  A Diet-Based Approach

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Vegetarians (and I’m talking to myself here), just keep an open mind about even the idea of it.  This is a tooth healing regiment and perhaps doesn’t have to be forever.  Maybe you can incorporate some of the following ideas to prevent tooth decay, or as a supplement to other forms of dentistry.

Here is an outline of the protocol Nagel recommends in the book.  He also discusses at length foods to avoid, namely sugar and most grains (in the way they are consumed today.)

*  1/2 teaspoons 2 – 3 x’s per day of Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Royal Blend

*  2 to 4 cups of raw, whole-fat dairy per day in the form of milk, kefir, whey, yogurt, clabber, or buttermilk.  You can substitute about two ounces of cheese for every cup of fluid dairy.  

*  2 – 4 ounces raw cheese

*  1 – 2 cups homemade gelatin-rich bone broth per day

*  6 – 18 ounces of high quality animal protein throughout the day and prepared for maximum digestion, including stews, or raw, seared or marinated variations.  Beef, chicken, pork, fish, lamb, eggs and so on.  Have some protein with every meal.  Divide your ideal weight by 15 for you minimum daily protein in ounce requirements.  [This is the part where I cringe as a vegetarian, but I’m just offering to you what Ramiel suggests.  Read his book for further details about why].

*  Plenty of cooked vegetables

*  At least once per day something fermented

* 1 teaspoon or more of healthy fat with every meal.  Raw or cooked.  Grass-fed butter or ghee is preferred.  Other animal fats like lard or tallow are also good choices.

*  Twice per week eat a comfortable amount of liver from any animal (I chose encapsulated skate liver oil)

*  Twice per week choose one shellfish or other organ of land animals

*  Oysters, clams, crab or lobster (consumed with innards), whole cray-fish

*  Fish eggs

*  1 – 3 tablespoons bone marrow

*  Animal tongue or kidneys from any animal

If you need more carbs, you may supplement with sweet potatoes, yams, or phytate-free grains like in sourdough bread made from unbleached flour which had bran and germ removed.   (And the bread shouldn’t be a staple if you have serious tooth-healing to do.)

Dental problems in the way we are seeing them today are historically new, and it has a lot to do with the modern diet.  Nagel tells the story of many indigenous groups who had perfect teeth until modern processed foods were imported.  He goes into great details about the reasons and theories as to why this is so, and then created this diet out of that information.  It is based on ancient food traditions that have worked for millennia.  It may feel like a radical approach, but healing the teeth beyond the beliefs of mainstream dentistry is a pretty radical idea to even consider.   I had never even thought of it until recently.  In my own studies, I found this book to be unprecedented by any other research or opinions available.

The list I’ve shared here is to supplement the rest of the incredible protocol and evidence available in the full manual.  I wouldn’t base my teeth-healing on the information posted here alone.  The book has a lot of details about how it works, as well as success stories to inspire you on your path.  As a vegetarian, it has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone; but I’m willing to give it a try, test the elements, and listen to my body about what is working for me.  Happy healing to you.

Here is the most inexpensive place I found where you can get a copy.  This is a link for an ebook of “Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition” by Ramiel Nagel.

Cure-Tooth-Decay Cover

This ebook is only 4.99, but if you have the money for a real copy, it might encourage you to study it more and practice the information therein.

Have a teeth-healing story to share?  Inspire us please, use the comment box below.


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