Vision Quest Complete

Part III – Opportunities Abound Continued from… An Inadvertent Vision Quest and Vision Quest, Continued – Yay for completions! … We were still in the process of fixing the jeep – following … Continue Reading →


Vision Quest, Continued…

Part II (continued from “An Inadvertent Vision Quest“) Monsoon in the desert.  There’s no weather in the world more precious.  As I was driving all over Sedona in the rain posting … Continue Reading →

How to Get Better at Music or Anything

I was recently giving some musical advice to a friend about how to pick up an violin again after not playing for years.  Yes, it is possible, and yes, it will … Continue Reading →

On Making It Happen

I’m going to get really real on this one folks.  No offense… Usually when we give advise to someone else it’s something we ourselves need to hear.  So just to … Continue Reading →


An Inadvertent Vision Quest, Part I

Messages from Spirit There is nothing like 5 days in the desert to get turned around to the truth in one’s life.  I do believe the teachings of the desert … Continue Reading →

when I play...

Synergy, Magic & Money

Teachings from the Garden, Personal Stuff Typical meet and greet conversation, anywhere… New Friend:  “What do you do?” Me:  “Well, I love people and I do what I love.”  Immediately … Continue Reading →

Cure-Tooth-Decay Cover

Miracle Tooth Healing :  A Diet-Based Approach

Vegetarians (and I’m talking to myself here), just keep an open mind about even the idea of it.  This is a tooth healing regiment and perhaps doesn’t have to be … Continue Reading →


Herbs for Hay Fever, Spring Allergies

The Symptoms After 3 years of living in Sedona, and after consistently proclaiming “I just don’t believe in them,” I was surprised to discover that somehow I had actually developed … Continue Reading →


How to Overcome Writer’s Block

I once took a college course entitled “The Practice of Writing.”  The premise of the course was just that- Writing is an art form, and like any other art form, … Continue Reading →


Headache Causes and Natural Cures

First of all, relax.  Your headache is likely rooted in some form of physical stress, so give your body a break.  Turn the lights off, close your eyes, and lay … Continue Reading →

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