Episode 01

Episode 01 – Mary Elizabeth Raines, founder of the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training and author of the book “The Laughing Cherub Guide to Past Life Regression – A Handbook for Real People.”  Raines has a lifetime of experience in hypnotism and offers an incredible amount of insight into the fascinating subject of past lives.  For more information about Raines – her sessions and classes – visit www.laughingcherub.com and www.hynosiscourse.com.

Also check out her hypnotic fractal art.


Intro – The Toure Raichel Collective

In Time – Talos (when we are talking about fractal world)  

Outro – Banks This is What it Feels Like – Simple Craft Remix  

Bliss Alchemy Podcasts

Inspirational interviews with healers of all varieties, psychics, teachers, authors, hypnotists, self-help and motivational gurus, interviews about new technological healing devices, bio-dynamic gardening and anything at all which calls us toward that which serves in the creation of your life of bliss. Enlightening interviews with beautiful musical introductions and interludes – a great place to get inspired and motivated.

The first round of podcasts is being recorded in Sedona, Arizona, an energetic center for spiritual awakening and transformational healing.  We are blessed with the opportunity to hear from many great leaders and healers here, and all about what they are up to.

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